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June 20, 2004



I was there, upper deck on the first base side at Chavez Obscene. Barry was phenomenal, his mighty clouts rousing the apathetic Dodgers fans from their slumbers just to shut them up from talking in their sleep.

Looking at the Retrosheet box score I see Will and Matty had nice games too, which I had forgotten.

Look at Beck's line. He nearly blew it, giving up a homer in the ninth, and then, as I recall, a loooooong fly out to right-center that nearly went out and would have lost it for us. Total heart attack time.

The Giants pulled out three out of four in that 1993 closing series, losing the division on the last day. It's fashionable to lay blame on young (then-young anyway) Saloman Torres, but that always struck me as a bit unfair. The Giants blew their huge lead over Atlanta going into September ... losing the division that year was a team effort.

They won 103 games, which, within two years would have been good for a playoff slot - whether through realignment or the introduction of wild cards, however you'd like to figure it out wistfully.

But that season-closing Dodgers series really said a lot about the heart of that team. The Braves were, I believe, at the expansion Marlins (or was it Rockies? somebody really weak anyway) who at the time were a pushover, we were at the hated Dodgers who would like nothing more than to knock us out of the race as we had done to them 9 years earlier (thanks Joe Morgan! you're clueless about a whole bunch of stuff, but we'll always remember '82!).

So to win three out of four absolute MUST-WIN games ... well, that '93 Giants team will always be one of my favorites, along with the 1982, 1987, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 editions.


Excellent points demogenes!

And thanks for the memories, as Bob Hope used to say.

I emailed you but got a return thingy.

Would you like to participate in my Giants fans oral history?


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