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December 10, 2004



I attended that game. The small, but vocal, crowd that night went nuts when Hondo homered. It was like it was done just for us. And Hondo's response made it seem even more so. We loved him and he loved us back.

It was a nice counter to the fury against team owner Bob Short. Often that night a chant went up that echoed the banner that management didn't let stay up too long: "Sh&# on Short"

Too bad the game ended in a forfeit because fans stormed the field "like a swarm of ants."

Recently I obtained a copy of the radio broadcast of that finale against the Yankees. Gave me chills when Hondo homered. What a horrible ballclub. But what great memories it gave me in my youth.


Be nice if he could come back to D.C. and work for the Nats, or work here in some capacity.

Found this info on him.


Thanks for the story. Where did you obtain the radio broadcast?


A local Washington station (can't remember the station) replayed the game in its entirety on the 10th anniversary. A former acquaintence recorded it on a cassette.

The tape's not the best of recordings, but it's more realistic. Kinda fun to put it into a stereo system and still have it sound like I'm sitting in my car trying not to lose the signal.

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