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October 03, 2005



RFK Stadium is worthy of more praise than it
gets. The ballpark has over 45,000 seats for
baseball, a bigger capacity than many of the
newer stadiums. No poles sit in front of
seats. the upper deck is cantilevered over
the lower deck, so many fans in the lower deck receive unobstructed cover. Its roof
covers fans in the upper deck, again, with
no poles in front of seats. I appreciate the
columns and beams that hold it up from the
bottom of the roof and from the stadium's
outside. The wavy roof is impressive and
unique!!! Even when the roof is flat, those
columns and beams are a special feature.
RFK can hosts three sports, not just two.
That is special. The upper deck between home
plate and the foul poles is closer to the field, not just because of the cantilever, but because the bottom of it is parallel to
the first base line, and because it angles
toward the third base line. It offers better
sightlines in both decks than other round
venues do, partly because it is not a perfect circle on the inside. Further, RFK
Stadium is on a direct east-west line with
the National Mall. It is one of the most
special venues ever. No sports venue is
perfect, but it is a mental disorder how
people could dislike RFK Stadium so much. To
those who mock RFK Stadium, I berate you.

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