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January 04, 2006


Mark Connor

Roger Connor was my great-granduncle and my own father's godfather at his baptism in 1930. We don't talk much about Roger in my family, probably because three generations removed, the only link left to him is my father, who is in his late 70's himself. However, I've long been fascinated with his life and since I was much younger have often flirted with the idea of putting down some of the family lore in print, but as the poem says, "way leads on to way" and I move on to a different project.

Thanks for your sentiments regarding the first home run king. He is rarely mentioned anymore, but as a founding member of a team that now features Barry Bonds, the Giants could do worse than looking at their past and honoring the guy who came first.


Thanks for sharing that Mark. I hope some day the Giants do honor your great grand-uncle. It is such a paradox when an organization does not honor its first stars.

Gary Laios

Roger Connor was my great, great uncle (he was my maternal grandfathers uncle who my grandfather, Roger Connor Wilson was named after). "Connie Mack" wrote a letter in longhand to Senator Danaher, dated January 4, 1947 (prior to Roger Connor's Hall of Fame induction many years later) in that letter Connie Mack stated:"The Hall of Fame Commitee has overlooked many great players, among them Roger Connor who hit the longest baseball over the fence when the Giants played at 110th Street. For doing this he was presented with an outstanding watch which no doubt he kept until his dying day. Roger Connor in those days was as noted as Babe Ruth of today. You can use my name in saying that Roger Connor should have his name in the Hall of Fame. Roger was a grand charactor and an honor to his profession, and above all, he should have his name in the Hall of Fame"

Gary Laios
June 26, 2006


Thanks Gary. Appreciate you sharing that.

Connor is in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. My rub is that the Giants have not retired his name and placed it alongside the others. That would give him and 19th Century players the exposure to start conversations. Otherwise, it's as if they never existed.

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