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April 25, 2006



Thank you for mentioning my great grandfather. We will always be very proud of his legacy.

Larry Parks

I just want to put out there that through the whole Barry steroid saga nobody has mentioned that the governor of Shallowfornia, Arnold, would be no one if he hadnt used steroids. They want to break Barry's balls about unproved abuse while the head of the state of Shallowfornia sits in his office as an admitted steroid and cocaine abuser. With out the "juice" he wouldnt have been a famous body builder. If he wasnt a known body builder then he wouldnt have been in the movies. If not for the fame of the movies then no governor job. What he be? An immigrant with a bad accent after 30+ years in country. But I guess thats not a big deal to Americans because Arnold is a "nice guy". I support Barry ad being the best ball player of my time and dare say of all time. He faced pitchers who were on the "juice" and sent them yard. Steroids is and has been a part of sports for sometime and I dont care. I like to be entertained by sports and 70 hr seasons and 300 pound line man that can out run people half their size do just that. So I say good luck to Mr. Bonds and the oppinions of all the people who have never hit a single major league hr matter not.

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