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February 19, 2011


Char McCargo Bah


Thanks for coming to my lecture on Parker and Gray. Also thanks for the write up concerning my lecture. I just want to clear up some of the property information on John F. Parketr and Sarah A. Gray.

John F. Parker owned the following properties:

810 North Columbus (which is no longer standing)

148 Queen Street (John owned this property in 1888. The City renumbered the Street after 1888.)

630 South Fairfax (John owned 628 South Fairfax the house was a duplex and was later consolidated into one address 630 South Fairfax. This house is still standing and it is occupied. The owners are well aware of John F. Parker.)

712 Wolfe Street was possibly owned by John F. Parker. John's middle initial was incorrect on a document so I need to confirm this.)

Sarah A. Gray's father, William Gray owned 58 acres of land off of Braddock Road at his death in 1891. He also owned the following properties down in Alexandria:

A three story brick dwelling house situated on the southside of Cameron Street, between Washington and St. Asaph Streets.

Two brick dwelling houses situated on the East side of Columbus Street, between Queen and Princess Streets.

One house on Prince Street, between Peyton and West Streets.

Two house on Peyton Street and the vacant lot on the corner of Peyton and Prince Streets.

A brick house on Alfred Street, between Cameron and Queen Streets.

Two houses on Peyton Street and the vacant lot adjoining.

Eight and one half acres, situated on West Street.

All these properties were mentioned in William Gray's will dated in 1891.

Thanks - Char McCargo Bah, Professional Genealogist


Char Bah,

Thank you for your reply and the info. It does my heart good to know there are those continuing connections to Parker and Gray.

I will check them out.

Thanks again and all the best with your work.


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