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March 23, 2013


Mitchell Baxter

This is a fascinating piece! I do have one criticism, however! I must take issue with you regarding the number of exclamation points it contains! Seventeen exclamation points really are a lot of exclamation points!

Perhaps a half-dozen are warranted, but on the whole, I started wondering whether Elaine from Seinfeld edited the piece before publication.


Jaybird's Jottings


I don’t get a lot of comments and feedback so thanks for yours.

Bill is a friend so I’m reluctant to criticize him. It’s his writing, not mine. He sent his answers in an email.

Your advice about too many exclamation points is excellent. I think I read once where full restraint is a good idea.

In Bill’s case he has a strong passion for history. I love his insights so I’ve issued him a full waiver on punctuation :-)

Take care and thanks.

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