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Jay Roberts has been cutting his teeth on the Giants since the mid-60s. He first started writing about the Orange and Black in February 1999 at his website The Giants Journal (link no longer available).

Jay is a member of The Society for American Baseball Research. SABR ( published his article, “Juan Marichal: An Opening Day Dandy,” in their annual Baseball Research Journal (Volume 30/01).

Jay and his wife live in Alexandria, Virginia. He is retired from the Air Force.

Timeline as a Giants fan

1963 Jay starts playing neighborhood baseball.

1965 Jay takes a liking to Willie Mays. Starts pulling for the Giants.

1966 Jay reads “Willie Mays” by Arnold Hano. Pronounces self a Giants fan.

1969 Friend Larry Colson writes in Jay’s junior high school annual, “What’s wrong with the Giants?”

1973 Jay is very sad to see the departure of Mays and Marichal.

1975 Jay has his first fling with another team, pulling for the Red Sox in the World Series. As he hates the Reds, it is an easy decision.

1976 Jay and his friend Steve Styers drive from their hometown, Greensboro, N.C., to Atlanta to see their first major league game. The Giants lose 6-0.

1978 Jay joins the Air Force and is assigned a barracks room directly across from a Dodgers fan. The fan is a Non Commissioned Officer, thereby averting any violence between the two.

1979 Jay buys his first black and orange SF hat. Gets asked why he likes a team on the other side of the country.

1982 Jay watches his first Giants game on WTBS, Braves at Giants. He tries to stay up but falls asleep in the sixth inning.

1985 Jay is stationed in England. Keeps track of his favorite team via the Stars and Stripes newspaper. Lucky for Jay, the game reports are two days old.

1987 Jay and his friend Bill Davidson drive to Cincinnati for a key three game set against the second place Reds. Giants take two of three on their way to first pennant since 1971.

1989 Jay buys a brand new 27-inch console color TV. Prepares to watch Game One of World Series on his birthday. Gets very angry when ABC feed snaps and does not come back. Displaying behavior never seen before by his friends, he goes ballistic when 10 minutes pass and no game. Jay eventually passes out. To this day, he won't do anything special on his birthday.

1991 Jay’s first game at Candlestick. Despite bundling up, he nearly freezes to death. Worse, the Giants lose home opener to the Dodgers.

1993 Jay is stationed in Phoenix and finally gets to watch his beloved Giants in the same time zone. Attends several Spring Training games at Scottsdale. Tries to forget what happened on October 3rd.

1994 Jay and a buddy have Section 18 at Candlestick to himself in a game versus the Mets.

1996 Jay, his wife and friends participate in Fun Run into Candlestick. Stands on hallowed centerfield ground.

1997 Jay’s first Opening Day. Attends game with friends Joe and Bill. The revamped Giants lose to the Pirates.

1999 Jay starts the season by launching The Giants Journal and ends it by attending the final game at Candlestick.

2000 On her birthday, Jay and his wife attend their first Pac Bell game. Jeff Kent hits a grand slam and the Giants win.

2001 From their left field bleacher seats, Jay and Joe see Bonds swat his 60th Home Run of the season. In October, Jay stays up until 2 in the morning to watch Bonds hit homers number 71 and 72 and the Dodgers eliminate Giants.

2002 Jay and his friends Howard and Derek attend the Giants' triumphant return to New York City. They witness Barry Bonds’s Ruthian three-run blast into the upper deck. Giants win 4-3.

2003 Jay and his wife visit their McCovey Cove tile.

2004 Jay starts Jay’s Giants Blog.

2005 For the first time, Jay’s beloved Giants play in the place he lives. He and his buddy Don watch Bonds hit mammoth shot into upper deck at RFK. Giants almost blow it but hang on for exciting win.

2006 Jay jinxes the Giants three straight times as they get swept by the Nats at RFK.

2007 Jay and his wife attend the Nationals last game at RFK. The Phillies try to spoil the moment, but the home team hangs on to win 5 to 3. The Nats’ three-year record at the venerable concrete stadium is 122 and 121.

2008 Jay and his friend Don watch the Giants and Matt Cain beat Washington 3 to 2 at the new Nationals Park. The win gives the Giants a sweet four-game sweep and moves them to within five of first place. Unfortunately, it’s the closest they will get.

2009 Randy Johnson, delayed a day by heavy rains in the DC area, wins his 300th game at Nationals Park. Watching on TV, Jay is very pleased, as the 4 pm start means “Dinner with the Giants.”

2010 Jay and his friend Howard watch Stephen Strasburg vs Matt Cain at Nationals Park. The Giants lose 8 to 1. At 45 and 41, they mired in fourth place.

Three months later, Jay has a dream. His beloved Giants finally win the World Series.


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