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January 17, 2005



RFK is still the only stadium I've ever been in where ushers encouraged you to take seats closer to the field.

Of course, that was a by-gone era, namely the early '70s when the franchise wanted folks to sit closer so it would look like the place was packed on TV and/or in newsphotos (which it never was.)

I remember catching the bus to the stadium, buying an outfield seat for a buck, then popcorn and a coke and walking down behind home plate, acting as if my seats were really there. When the usher would stop me to check by ticket stub, I'd hold up my coke and popcorn to show I can't pull out my ticket. He'd smile and say pick out a good one up front. If it weren't the same for every usher, I'd have thought the usher just had a soft spot for a young baseball fan.

Dad would find me later and I'd catch him up on what had happened. That was close to heaven for a 10-year-old.


It's great you got to go with your Dad. Are you going to any Nats' games this year?


Random Thoughts:

When the expansion Senators played the Twins at Griffith Stadium in '61, did the home team pay rent to the road team? How were the gate receipts split?

At the time of the Cracker Jack Old Timers Classic in '82, the short porch in left field was due to the fact that the seats in left couldn't be moved. The seats in left were designed to be rotated under the seats along the 3rd base side for baseball and back out for football. Well, after 11 years of immobility, they'd rusted stuck, and it was decided it was impractical to spend the money to allow them to move for the one game.

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