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April 18, 2005



The quintessential Candlestick quote came from my buddy's dad: "That was a full beer!"
To put the quote in context, we had just arrived at The 'Stick parking lot for a friday night game, customarily the first thing he did was crack a beer and take a sip. Needless to say, it was cold so he put the beer down on the bumper so he could put on his jacket. Before the jacket was even over his head, a howling wind blew the beer off the bumper and carried it away towards gate F. God, I love that place.


That’s a great story. “Beer blown off bumper!”

I remember the first time we parked at that small, gravel lot located between the park and Bay View Hill. We got out of the car and it was decision time. To bring the GIANTS jacket or not. It was warmish so I said too myself, nah, the sweater will do just fine.

Walked down the slope, took a left at that little merchandise shack, and headed toward the pedestrian bridge. A few moments later, a blast of cool wind came howling, knocking off my Giants cap.

I walked back to the car, got my jacket and thought to myself, I should have known better.


I remember it as if it were yesterday. The network coverage, showed several replays. Stu Miller's description was very accurate. The brand new replay technology proved and still proves the "blown off the mound" is just another pathetically obvious media lie.

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