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May 22, 2005



Didn't John Montefusco get into a fist fight with Dave Bristol, Giants manager? Also, a few years ago, I think he got arrested for beating up his wife? What a loser!

Joe Settipane

I live in Tinton Falls Newjersey.......As I am walking my dog, I see a Cat and her babies on a soon abandoned apartment first floor balcony. At the time before this I would in my twisted humor let my dog loose and chase the adult cats,squirrels and rabbits through the woods and up trees. Not knowing who lived there. saw the man a few times but never said a word....I even wore Yankee shirts and hats. But he never said who he was....Well Today as he is not there anymore..Two guys are cleaning out his apartment, the cut up rug smells like cat piss and he left some furniture..The guys say...You like the Yankees....Hell yeah my reply....Said you know who lived here? "The count of Montefusco". Well I got the scoop on him. He owned a house in Coltsneck,N.J. They got a nasty divorce. and the bitch got everything...Poor bastard.Don't know where he moved now...But I wish I would of known him to talk to him.

alexandra montefusco

I am John Montefusco's daughter and I think that all of you should get lives of your own. I cannont believe you people have the audacity to talk about a man and a family that you have never met and know nothing about. It is because of people like yourselves that our family has suffered more than we ever needed to. Yes, my parents got divorced, like millions do, no one needs to know the details, or slander anyone of my parents names for it. Get lives of your own, and stay out of ours!!!

Kevin Gillen

My name is Kevin. A few years ago I moved to Tinton Falls and had the pleasure of living right next door to the "Count". He is a quiet and reserved man who still has passion for the game. I know John to be a perfect gentleman, no bragging, no war stories, just a decent man who treated me with respect. Today, I wish I had talked more with John but I felt he deserved his space. I respect the man and the game he played. I love baseball and I love the "Count". I lost contact with John and that was my loss. "Count" I pray you read this message and send me an email(gillen1737@comcast.net). I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you again and wish you all the best!

Miguel Teixeira

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Montefusco and throwing around a couple of baseballs with him. He really helped me through some hard times. Count, if you read this, I dont know if you remember me, my name is Miguel and we met about 1997. Send me an email if you get a chance.

Jami Montefusco

If anyone has any info on John Montefusco...his whereabouts, please let me know. I am related to him and my family talks about him all the time, and I would really like to meet him!

Dave Scalzo

My son John had the opportunity to have pitching lessons from "The Count". I was warned before hand that he can be tough but was fair if the kid works hard. I can't tell you how much he taught my son about the art of pitching. My son is eleven and we had plans of seeing John again this winter but he has not returned to the same establishment.

I am not a wealthy man by any means but the work that John did with my son was worth spending the money. I am kind of disappointed that he is not back; not only for my sons sake but also because "The Count" said how much he enjoys teaching kids the proper mechanics of a skill that meant so much to him. If John reads this I would love if he would drop me a line.


I was a young Padres fan and remember John the count as a dodger killer for the giants and I wanted the old John to return for my padres when he was there. I wish him luck and hope he gets back to the game he loves.
Go get'm Count.


PS you're right alexandra. Everyone deserves a chance to live their life.


Chuck Braverman

I had the pleasure of producing and directing a film about the NJ Somerset Patriots where John was the pitching coach. His story was fascinating and is part of our documentary "Bottom of the Ninth" just released on dvd. You can see a short video preview at www.BOT9.net.

Chuck Braverman

Our film "Bottom of the Ninth" features John as the pitching coach of the NJ Somerset Patriots. It is just being release now and a clip is viewable on our website at www.BOT9.net.

Chuck Braverman

Our film "Bottom of the Ninth" features John Montefusco as the pitching coach. The dvd is now being released. Take a look at www. BOT9.net.

Larry Montefusco

Dear Mr. Montefusco,

I can't believe I stumbled across this site. My name is Larry Montefusco from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was born in 1949 and from what I read, just one year before you. My entire life, people have asked if I am related to you. After all, our surname is not the most common even by Italian standards. Anyway, "The Count" was my nickname throughout school and my entire 23 year career as a Phildelphia Police Officer. I also played organized ball up until I was 18 years old when my dad, Nick Montefusco passed away. I even played one year in the area Pen-Del league and Granny Hamner & Stan Lopata were among my team mates. I know we had relatives on Staten Island, but rarely saw them. I would love to hear from you and finally find out if we are related in some distant way. I would be proud to say to someone next time they asked, "John Montefusco", yes he is my secon cousin. Thanks and I hope to hear from you or someone in your family.


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I am John's sister and I am so proud of you Alexandra! You are a wonderful young lady and your parents should be very proud of you, too. I am also very proud of my brother John as I have known him much longer than any of you. I know my brother to be a very loving and caring man and father. I remember John going to the local hospital and visiting sick kids and signing baseballs for them. I remember him telling grown men looking for autographs to step aside and let a small child ahead of them who was patiently waiting for John to sign his baseball. None of the grown men cared about the kid but John did. I remember John taking care of his horse all night when it was sick as he did for all animals that needed help. Most of all, I remember that John had always taken good care of me. I was the youngest. My niece is correct. You do not know this man and really know nothing about our family. But I can tell you this...John is and always has been one heck of a brother and father. We love him very much. Angel Montefusco

Vincent Gallo

I grew up in the same town that John did, played Little League ball againt him in the old Blue Jeans, am very proud of him, and he was the most talented baseball player to ever come out of Middletown, NJ. Also, a very, very decent man. All the best for you, John.
Vinnie Gallo


I saw John Montefusco in the hotel lobby, where he stayed in San Francisco, during the All-Star week. It was about 10 pm. My friend asked him how was doing, and he replied that he was tired. He could have just went to his room, but after a long day he took the time to sign autographs for about around 7, or 8 minutes for everyone that was waiting.

I wish I told him that I had his poster on my wall and he was one of my favorite players, when I was growing up and began following and playing baseball. The kids in my neighborhood, our favorite players were Jack Clark and him. We tried to pitch like The Count and hit like Clark.

I remember his Major League debut, when he came into the game in the first inning and I believe one, or two hit the Dodgers and homered at Dodger Stadium. I also remember that he liked to talk, predicting shutouts against opposing teams, or striking out opposing players and that he came through and backed it up. There hasn't been another pitcher like him since and there never will be. He won't get elected to the Hall of Fame, but what he did was legendary. On top of that, he is a great guy.

Angel Montefusco

Thank you for saying such nice things about John. Hi Vinnie Gallo. I remember you. Hope all is well with you. What have you been up to? Angel Montefusco

L. Smith

My son and I had the pleasure of metting up with "The Count" at Cooperstown on induction day this past weekend. It was so crazy crowded up there, as everyone probably knows, that my husband had to stay back at the field with our things. When I saw "The Count" in town, I knew I had to stop and get his autograph for my husband. (He was thrilled when I brought it to him, by the way.) John was most gracious and spoke to us for quite a few minutes, then posed with my son and I for a picture. My son, who is only 13, didn't know much about him before, but he does now.
Thank you, "Count", you made our day!

Alexandra Montefusco

My father is an amazing man and I sincerely appreciate the love and respect that I am reading. Thank you very much. I will pass along these wonderful encouraging words, as I am sure my aunt has done as well.

John Montefusco

Angel / Alexandra, Please write me at my email address: john.montefusco@pgnmail.com. I am a distant cousin of John and we had met numerous times in NY when he was with the Giants and was in town playing the Mets. We miss him and would like to get back together again. I live in NC now but most of my immediate family is still in the tri-state area. Please Write!


thank you for saying nice thing about John Montefusco.i glad to know about him.

Craig Beatty

Wow!John Montefusco.I remember him well. I lived in Keansburg most of my life and John played ball with my 2 older brothers - yes the BlueJeans!
Anyway, I'm in California now.
Last night I was at the batting cages
with my son's Little League team. A guy comes up and hands me his card, "Professional Baseball Instructions". The man says he played for the Yankees farm team and now helps out the Somerset team - along with ta da! John Montefusco. I got goose bumps, to say the least. Boy was the instructor surprised when I told him I've known John my entire life and grew up in the same area. Weird stuff. So, today I'm checking on the net for "Jason Cly" (the instructor)and come across this site.
I could tell you about the time back in 1979-I was on vacation up in San Francisco and John was good enough to come out of the clubhouse to say hi - but I won't.
I will say that I took great pride in telling my Dodger fan friends that I actually knew the "Count".I hate the Dodgers.
Yes, he was a Dodger killer. Thanks John!

From Pony League, to Brookdale, to the Majors, the no-hitter, all of it, the guy could really,really pitch!!
I was so happy to hear he is back on track and especially happy to see the postings from his daughter and sister.

Craig Beatty (ex of Keansburg)


I am not sure why I am writing this. Someone had asked me if I had seen you lately and were you were still with Sparky and the Patriots. A quick memory search surfaced the realization that the last time I heard from you it was around New Years of the year you moved to Tinton Falls (on that street with such a lovely name). The question about you prompted me to look check the net for an update. I stumbled across this site and upon a quick perusal to my delight it was not strictly baseball related. I was saw notes from your sister and your amazing girls. So, I decided to drop a few lines on the chance that you may read them.

John, I read a newspaper interview type article about your career and comeback after the tough times in the late 90's. You were really resilient and it certainly deserved attention. However, I was very disappointed that you forgot something very important; the piece was completely void of any mention of the people that supported you at that time. The ones who wrote, accepted toll calls, visited, gave hope & some sense of sanity, lent money, offered places to live and represented you. Not a word was said of the support that friends and family gave during that emotional rollercoaster of an ordeal. The piece inferred that you were alone with minimal support as though we (your support system) did not exist. Not nice! Humble decency dictates some acknowledgement of those who went out of their way to see you through. Next time try to remember not to forget!

I hope that you and your family are healthy and happy. We miss your dad's cooking, and Sally still bites!


My name is Jennifer, I am John Montefusco's neice. I see my mother, Angel, has already commented this so I figured I would as well. I honestly never knew about this site until my good friend sent it to me. I have much to say about peoples reactions, comments and atitudes towards my uncle. Although we have our disagreements at times, I do cherish our bond and love him dearly. On that note, I would like to point out a few things. We know our family, we know who is related to us and what their names are. You don't know how many times I've met a random Montefusco whos said, "Oh your John montefusco's neice? He's my dad's, uncles, cousin! We're totally related!" May I point out Montefusco is a slightly common name, just because you have it, does not mean we are related. Another thing, this is for 1st comment up top made by sCott? i think it was? You know nothing about what happened or what my uncle does, so please stop thinking you know everything, for in fact, you are the loser. Other then that, this website was a joy to look at :]

Jerry Gough

Just a note to say hi to John and his Mom. I worked with John's mom at the Boys Club in Belford, NJ. My son and I, and I am sure many members of the Boy's Club remember when John teated all of us to a game at Shea. We all had a great time, thanks to John. Probably the only MLB game most of us have been to. Thanks again.


I have hired John for a few autograph signings in the NY city area over the last couple of years. He is one of the coolest major leaguers that I have ever worked with. Give the guy a break. He is a real nice guy.



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To John Montefusco's niece, I don't think the person from Philadelphia meant any disrespect asking if he may be related to your uncle. No, Montefusco is not a common name and I too grew up with the nick name of 'the countess" due to having the same name. Also, my story is the same, since I was little people always ask if I am related. My uncles have always said we were distant cousins, but as far as I know this may not even be true. My Fathers family was born and raised in Jersey city NJ, My parents moved us to a small town in PA where I grew up and still live now. My Father just passed away two weeks ago who I miss severely. After all of these years I now decided to try and find a picture of the Count, which is what lead me to this site. Well anyway, I too, have always wondered if our families are related (as I wonder many things about the rest of my family from Jersey). All I know is that my Father came from a family of six brothers and sisters. When there father died, they were devistated to find that he had another family with three children that no one ever knew about. They all met by attending the funeral. After that the two families never kept in contact. So there are Montefusco's out there that are step brothers/sisiters of my Father that he never knew. If any of this sounds farmilier to you, I would love to have some leads. I believe my grandfathers name was Robert. P.S. My Fathers middle name was John.

Daniel Hugh Kelly

John Montefusco was, is and always will be one of the most precious of God's gifts to all mankind. Those of us who were lucky enough to have met and known John, however briefly, can testify that there is not a more generous, kinder and loving human being on this entire planet. Incredibly talented, both on the mound and off, patient and a true lover of life, he is someone I think of often...always with fondness, awe and sincere appreciation.

angel montefusco

To my daughter jennifer,
Chill out Honey! Most of these e-mailers are just being kind. I am happy to see that you defend your family like you do! The poster meant no harm.
To Dianne,
I know you mean well and I hope you and your family are doing well. But, please don't take this the wrong way. I have to tell you...I helped John because I wanted to not because I need recognition in the newspaper.
You better than a lot of people know that the newspapers lied anyway and wouldn't print the truth. Angel

Mike Spendley

I take great offense to people who bash John Montefusco. I met the "Count " 34 years ago when I worked with the Phoenix Giants. We have remained friends over the years and see one another quite a bit. I have met his youngest daughter who worked at our Golf Tournament and she is a doll. I met Angel , his sister years ago. John had his issues, but he is still the sam homest funloving man I met in the early seventies. He was always good to me brother and I even after we got out of baseball. he is a true friend and a gentleman and everyone I have met in his family I have really liked, especially Angel who I met at a Met game many years ago.John will be my friend for as long as I live...Mike Spendley


Awww, you're sweet Mike...Angel


Hey Mike Spendley - Jack Grehan here in Marin County CA. I know we will NEVER FORGET the night John went up to the bigs against the Dodgers. He stayed at our apartment in AZ the night before and we took him to the airport that day! We watched him on TV and later that night he called us. John truly is a great guy, and was truly a great player. I assure you that in the Bay Area he still commands great respect. I would love to see him again sometime. Take Care. Jack G.

Debbie Brombacher

I met John Montefusco when I was in 7th Grade in San Mateo California. That was in 1976 and a friend and I rode our bikes to the racetrack in town and we hung around the back gate. No one would let us in, and I promised my friend we could get in. My Dad always loved Baseball and got me hooked on it. Mr. Montefusco came to the gate and I recognized him and asked for his autograph (which I still have) and he not only gave us his autograph, but let us in and gave us a tour of the entire back workings of the racetrack. What a very very nice man. I wish him and his family the best.

Fixitor shutitdown

You're "comments" column doesn't work, and hasn't for a very long time. Did you die or do you just not care anymore.


Still can't seem to get it to work. Regardless, Mr. Montefusco was, is and always will be GREAT!!! I only wish there were more like him in the game today.

angel montefusco

What wonderful comments about my brother, John. Thank you all! Debbie I love that story! Angel M.


John Montefusco brings back great memories. Go Giants.

Alexis Brigham

My name is Alexis and I met John because I was dating his friend Charlie Williams. I am trying to get a hold of him if at all possible because my goal has always been to save our world to help others, because it is all about God and love in this world of ours! It is so beautiful that John's sister's name is Angel when infact John, is one too! Alexandra, that was one of my Father's choices for my name, either Alexis or Alexandra because my Father's middle name was Alexander. The name Alexander means: "Protector of Mankind." Alexandra... God bless you, your Mother, your Father, your Aunt Angel and those dearest to you!!!
Please... if anyone knows how I can email John a quick note I can be reached at alexisbrigham@aol.com. Thanks!

 dick allen the king mega superstar top 5 dead or alive greatest ever

the count is the best hes doing great chuge shoulers huge legs saw him in jersey about 2months ago i know how 2 reach him but hes incognito rite now long live the count


My name is Lisa and John is a good friend of my mother and her boyfriend. I just wanted to let everybody know what a great, wonderful and caring man John is. John holds a special place in my 3 year-old son's heart after just spending a few days with him over the last couple of weeks. My son first met John 3 weeks ago and instantly fell in love with him and never stops talking about him. John patiently showed my son how to throw correctly, as much as a three year old can, and continually is teaching him new songs and little antics to drive me crazy. My son recently told me one night "Mommy, John is my favorite big boy friend besides Daddy and Bubba". As for myself, I think John is an incredible person who never thinks twice about helping somebody out and is also very entertaining. I am so thankful to have him a part of our lives now and hope we continue to see him. Our family thinks the world of him and wishes him good luck in his present and future endeavors.


I just want to send my best on to John. I met John when I was working for another Major League team and he was pitching for the Giants. Although it has been a LONG time, I am sure he will remember me as we share the same birthday and both have roots in NJ. I now live in Massachusetts and am the mother of an Olympic athlete! I would love to catch up with him, so feel free to pass my e mail on to him!

Joey Gino

It seems that the people who really know Mr. Montefusco. Love him. Thats enough for me.
Joey G.

Tom and Barb Price

We are SF Giant fans. Once a Giant always a Giant. We saw just about every home game John Montefusco pitched, he was awesome. We just watched Jonathon Sanchez pitch the first Giants no hitter since "The Count" did it in 1976 against Atlanta.
John was always fun to talk to always a nice guy and never acted like any one was bothering him. We wish him well.


John remains especially cool, especially to guys who used to play ball because he represents the "old school" ways. I mean, John made it to the Majors by going through the old try-out system. Back in the day, the major leagues would invite guys to show up and show them what you had. They knew instantly and almost no one ever made a team like this, much less thrived like Big John. Baseball is different now and times have changed. John is just cool and his family rocks.


And finally, another Giant tossed a no-hitter. Jonathon Sanchez did it last night and every real Giant fan is thinking about the Count today. I hope they bring you back to stay John


No, I'm not related to "the Count". I've never had the extreme pleasure of ever meeting "the Count", I've never accidently bumped into him anywhere. But,back in the late 70's when nothing much was goin on for the Giants, my white AM clock radio that was a hand-me-down from my mom's kitchen (gawd, how embarassing is that!) was always tuned to 560 KSFO. And I would be listening to Lon Simmons and Al Micheals call the Giants games. With the lights out and images of the players enduring the "swirling winds of Candlestick" in my head, I'd be "there" till the last out was made . Even on school nights when I shoulda been asleep my Giants were on the radio and nothing was gonna stop me from listening. To this day just hearing John Montefusco's name being mentioned always brings a smile to my face. I didn't see Willie Mays play in person,and I know he was a great player, but I did see "the Count" and he was and always will be my favorite Giant. His brash attitude towards the hated Dodgers almost made me think that he grew up a Giants fan here in the San Francisco Bay Area and hated the Dodgers right along with a whole lot of us!

Gina D

Dear Bloggers-

It humbles me to know that there are so many people out there, from so many different chapters of his life, that remember my father so fondly. He truly is an amazing man, an amazing athlete, and most importantly, an amazing father. He is a soldier and survivor, with a spirit stronger than anyone I know. I am damn proud to be his eldest daughter.

A couple side notes-

Hey Scott (from the first posting)-
You make me laugh, silly man. I wonder what the bloggers would say about your life... oh wait, they dont say anything, do they?

And to TallBlondeinCa - You make me laugh even harder. Im thinking you were the one on drugs, since you have such a jaded memory. Oh, and tell my mother I said hello.


John Montefusco
will be signing autographs in Wildwood, NJ.
Fri 8/28/09 3:00-9:00
Sat 8/29/09 10:00-9:00
Sun 8/30/09 10:00-5:00

Wildwood Convention Center
Boardwalk and Burk Ave.
Wildwood, NJ

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