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May 22, 2005


Joey Gino

Get back into baseball.
Ave Maria Un. in Naples Fl.
Maybe they could use you in thier new Baseball program.
Good Luck Joey G.

John Hammett, El Mirage, Arizona

I remember the Count's first appearance beating the Dodgers way back when. For a few years then he was as good as any pitcher and a colorful guy. Baseball needs guys like the Count. I could not care less about his warts, all I know is the good memories he gave this SF Giant fan. I hope his dream of coming back to the Giants comes true. And after reading this web site, he sounds like a good Dad and good guy.


john is a great guy period the end. long live the count

Jerry Scalzo

I played ball with John, in the pony league on a team call BAVAQUAS in Keansburg New Jersey. My name is Jerry Scalzo and I currently live in Florida.My father was the coash of our pony league and I still have a photo when my father met John and Yogi Berra when John played for the Yankees. I would love to contact John and talk to him. If you have any way of contacting him, please give him my e-mail address- Strek11701@aol.com or call me direct @ 727-916-3500..



I don't know his contact info, but hopefully someone reading this will.

Good luck!

Peter Montefusco

All while growing up, gym teachers called me the count, and I never got it till a few years ago when someone told me there was a pitcher with my last name in the 70's for the giants. This just excited me to no end because of how extremely rare of a last name I have. To know a player with my last name threw a no-no is just awesome!

Been trying to learn about him but there doesn't seem to be much out there. a buddy of mine recently went to cooperstown and got me an autographed ball signed: John "the count" Montefusco 1975 N.L.R.O.Y. It is now one of my most prized possessions. If I could just talk to him one day, even for 3 min, i would be ecstatic.

Frank Genco

My name is Frank Genco and I stumbled upon this sight out of curiosity. I knew John when I was a little boy. He was the older kid on the block and of course the best ball player around. He always took time to play baseball with the younger kids. We all admired him. I followed his early career and always rooted for him. I know he had a great heart. Anyway I lived on Neptune place in Keansberg in the 1960's which was 2 houses from Johns at the time I was the same age as his sister Angel. I'm not sure if she remembers me. He had wonderful parents I believe John and Dottie were there names. They were alway so kind. To everyone out there I know that John was always kind to me and my friends and I wish him and his family the best.


I just saw John Montefusco again for the second time today. The first time was at a banquet in the seventies and he was very gracious with me. All these years later he is still filled with grace. I watched him patiently sign an autograph for a huge throng of people at ATT Park before a Giants game.
He was there along with four other former Giants who had won a rookie of the year award. They were helping honor Buster Posey who was presented with his award today. Giants fans still have high regard for John and gave him a warm reception upon his introduction.
I had forgotten than he had done some time in prison. You would never think that the kind, unselfish man who took the time to make sure all of his autograph seekers were accommodated, would be a guy with prison history. He does not come anywhere close to looking like an ex con. He looks like a successful business man. I asked him about his harness racing experience and he explained to me how that worked for him. I asked him what was easier to work with, horses or catchers? He said catchers.
No one is perfect. We all have troubles to varying degrees. I just wish I or someone else could have helped John and his family when their need for help came to a head. I am very happy that I got to see John today, not because he was a great pitcher, but because he makes his fans feel good when they are around him. He looked fantastic. You expect to see Willie Mays and Willie McCovey at the yard but it was a very pleasant surprise to run into John today. I wish John and his family the best. I look forward to seeing John again in the future.


Thanks for sharing that CK. I know Montefusco would appreciate it. We all wish him the best.

joey gee

John where are you now?
I hope back in Baseball,
we all miss you
joey g.

Gary Foulks

Hey Count... Where have you been???


How can we get an autographed baseball? The family says we're related, but maybe distantly. Mr. Montefusco and my son took a great picture together when my son was just a baby and we went to a patriots game. My son is 8 years old and I would love to get him an autographed ball. We saw the Count's pic in the Cooperstown museum and we took pics by it. lol. Please let me know. f. montefusco

joey gee



I will always remember John as one of the nicest boyfriends I ever had in Elementary school. Was so proud to say I knew him!! I also remember his beautiful Mom. Gaye (Reinecke) Galluccio


Hey there john montefusco. Been thinking about you and your family over the years. My name is Glenn, grew up in Middletown. I knew your brothers and sister. Matter of fact John you and I were in Brookdale, the same fraternity. Don't want to put to much info on this public thread. If you ever see this. Please respond. Last time we met you were in colts neck. Hope your well.

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